Washington does allow the sale of some species of ground squirrel, such as Prairie Dogs, in pet stores as exotic pets. You will be bitterly disappointed to discover that there are good reasons they have never been domesticated: • Unlike our typical pets and companion animals, squirrels lack the instinct to rely on others for food, protection or companionship. You usually won’t see a red squirrel if you have grey squirrels. It is illegal to have a squirrel as a pet in Colorado. Their brown, black, and white fur blends together to … Squirrels are highly energetic and destructive animals. On average, a pet squirrel can cost about $100 to $350, and the costs will depend on the breeder, species, age and quality. Disadvantages of Having a Squirrel for a Pet. Squirrel monkeys and 4 Squirrel monkeys females. I currently have 2 male Squirrel monkeys and 4 Squirrel monkeys females. Humans have kept animals as pets for over 12,000 years. Search Pets All breeds. Males are $4,000.. Squirrel Monkey, Pennsylvania » York. As grey squirrels can kill red squirrels because they carry a disease called squirrel parapoxvirus. Premium. Ideally, you should only adopt a squirrel if it lacks the survival skills to return to nature. If you found a baby squirrel and raised it to 5–6 months of age and it’s time to set it free, it must change from a pet to a wild animal with instincts necessary for its survival. They are larger than most rodents kept as pets, and they have no real history of domestication. Keeping animals for their companionship is something that has developed slowly throughout cultures over the years. Each household is only allowed up to 6 native wild animals (foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and some other species). Making an Animal Wild Again. In earlier times dogs were the predominant furry companion but having pets of all kinds can be a wonderful experience. As such, they can cause many problems. Just like grey squirrels, they will eat from feeders, so you can attract them by filling a feeder or squirrel house with their favorite nuts. If you're sure that you can keep a squirrel as a pet legally in your municipality, set up a living space for it in a large cage. The gray squirrel body is up to 12 inches in length with a tail as long as 10 inches, and can weigh 1.5 pounds. pet can be disastrous for both you and the squirrel. Before adopting a pet squirrel, however, make sure purchasing a squirrel is legal since many states set restrictions on what kind of exotic pets you can own. Males are $4,000 Fema ptk. If you want to go for a squirrel, have you considered a pair of Richardson's Ground Squirrels? They think it’s the most amazing thing to have a pet squirrel.” ... Kate, artist/photographer, Maryland “I love all kinds of squirrels,” Kate … Keeping a squirrel as a pet is a big commitment. Some states and countries have outlawed keeping squirrels as pets. $500. $500. In addition, to import any fox from out-of-state, you will be required to obtain a one-time importation permit, presumably this is given to pet owners for the cost of $25. In general, wildlife cannot be owned or held in captivity. But what makes an animal a ‘pet’? These guys are much more docile as adults so long as you buy them captive bred NOT wild caught, and they remain tame. These cute guys look like prairie dogs or gophers. Search ... Squirrel Monkey, Maryland » Vansville.

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