So you do find some common equipment options for 208VAC. I ask this question more out of curiosity than a need to use it. The reason it is 208V and not 240V is due to the phase … in Either 3 phase or 1 phase. But you never find 208V stuff in homes simply because most homes don't get 3 phase power. There is 120V from either phase to neutral, and 208V … Alternatively, you can have a 240/120V … In your case, if the hot to neutral voltage is 122V rather than 120V [it varies, see here], you'll get … The way the windings are split up, I can only draw 1/2 the rated power in some … a well pump, stove, dryer). 208V three phase is obtained by taking two legs of three-phase … I checked with the POCO and both 120/208v and 120/240 three phase power is availabe. A service drop rated 3-phase, 120/208V is used in small commercial applications where the main voltage in use is either 120V single phase, or 120/208V Network. That lets you get 120V between any phase leg and neutral and 208V between any two phase legs. 240V single phase is obtained by taking a single leg of three-phase power. 120/240V is a 240V single phase supply, center tapped to produce a "split phase" with 120V between either side to neutral, and 240V between the two hot lines. If the device’s nameplate states that it can run at 208v (in addition to say 220v or 240v… The wrinkle with three phase power comes when you would like to power 240v devices (e.g. three phase input for your 230V three phase input circuit ... 200 -240V 200 -240V Nuetral Phase A Phase C Phase B 230V High Leg Delta Connection DE1 L2/N L/ 200 - 240V 200 - 240V 115-120V … The other way to approach this is to multiply 120 by the sq.rt. (3) [1.732] to get, wait for it, 207.84. The difference between 208V three phase, and 240V single phase, is how the voltage is derived. 240v is known as single phase, 3 wire, ... [0.866] and get 207.84; let's call it 208V. Thanks for all the feedback, lots of intresting suggestions and ideas. 120/208V is two phases from a three-phase supply. Can a 208V motor run off 220V? Note that in either of the scenarios above, single or three phase, the frequency remains at 60Hz (in the US). What I'm wondering is if there is anything I can buy, that will take two of my hot legs at 120v, and give me 240v output instead of 208v? As I've posted about before I have three phase 208v power in my shop. With three typical single phase ones with 120V and 240V windings, I get 208V and 480V from my 240V line. 208V is what you get from 240V power in a 3-phase “Wye” system. In the normal US home or residence, there is three-phase … One of the reasons I was leaning toward 120/240v three phase was of the existing 240 single phase … Therefore, this type of panel can either provide 120V single phase power (by using a single leg) or 208V three phase power (by using two legs).

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