When drain alarm time is exceeded, control records error. Communication error. If there is a leak during the water leak detection of the cycle when programmed on, an error will display after the door is opened at the end of cycle for 1 minute. The machine must be unpowered to clear this error. Occurs when inverter contactor does not open at end of wash cycle. Wrong card. Check inlet water supply, inspect inlet water valves, inspect drain valve and check water level switch. Level switch detects water remaining in the drum at the end of the cycle. In case of jammed bar or switch, release it. E rr. Weight on individual load cell exceeds max. Make sure water inlet valves are working properly. Cycle is stopped and Stopped Error Menu is displayed. Check for an unbalanced load. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. This error will be cleared when the door is opened or any key is pressed. Occurs when water filling is not restarted at wash sequence when water level of bath is below its normal programmed value. Control sense temperature greater than 220ºF (104ºC). Unexpected supply voltage. Check output relay that powers the control signal for brake air pressure valve and replace wash computer if anything is faulty. If error persists, control or Network Board may need to be replaced. Open door or press Power/Cancel keypad to clear error. No communication or incomplete communication between inverter and mainboard. Check for lint build-up on heat sink on drive board. Check heating connections, cycle power to machine. Check temperature index harness and dipswitch settings. I have a speed queen NG4319LF. Crosswise folding device or stacking device error. Error occurs when brake stays open. If both motor securities are open, there is a motor problem. Make sure drain valve is working properly. Unpower to clear error. Replace sensor. To clear this error the machine must be powered down. Thermistor circuit opens while heating. Check water level in recycle tank and add water as needed. Speed Queen dryer pdf manual download. Error message will continue until any keypads are pressed, Cool Down cycle has ended, and temperature reading is greater than 0°F. Make sure the correcter inverter parameters are loaded into the wash computer. If output relay is broken, replace wash computer. Water leak test has detected a water leak during a cycle. Check coin drop area and remove obstructions. Check wiring and repair if there is no continuity. Maximum number of tilts was exceeded, skipping the final spin. Check network cable and replace if faulty. Product family does not match between the Machine ID Control and Front End Control. Inverter not switched off at end of cycle. Use card with correct security code. Make sure to push in the motor harness on both ends just in case it is a little loose and not fully inserted. Error will display after door is opened in End of Cycle Mode. Make sure water temperature is not too low. The motor or one of its electrical phases is not connected. Control may need to be replaced. Copy titles to new display board. Occurs when wire bridge at KEB terminals 16-20 is missing. Check card reader, control and harness. To clear this error the machine must be powered down. Moisture sensor issue? Page 7: Before Drying Use the correct cycle for the type of fabric being dried. Check door lock and door latch for damage and replace if error continues. Power down, power up and try again. Unpower to clear error. Occurs when wash computer DAQ memory is completely filled with traceability data. Correct wiring issues. Open faucet, straighten fill hoses, clean or replace filter screens, check for voltage (refer to serial plate) from the output board to the water valves, and if voltage is present at output board, then check for voltage (refer to serial plate) at the water valve. Possible causes are: 1) shorted thermistor, 2) a short in the wiring between control and thermistor or 3) control. Check drain tube and repair if necessary. The Speed Queen dryers are well made, but like stricklybojack said, it’s either wet clothes or extra toasty clothes. Refers to unknown component. Removing power for 3 minutes will automatically allow door lock to unlock. While heat relay is on, if stove temperature or cabinet temperature reaches high temperature for particular limit thermostat, heater will turn off automatically and control will continue cycle with no heat until limit thermostat resets. If error continues, check for damage to Machine ID Control and harness and/or replace Machine ID Control with a correctly configured Machine ID Control. While in Idle Mode and on Cycle Menu, control will begin to monitor moisture sensor input after one minute without user input. Error means not all dedicated inverter parameters have been loaded and as a result the inverter will not work correctly. It runs well and heats great but the timer is apparently not working properly. Burnt Out Heating Element—If the heating element burns out, the dryer cannot heat. Verify correct chip is received for machine type. (Firmware updates only done by Alliance Laundry Systems Service Technicians.) The door unlock coil is not functional or door lock mechanism is broken. Error occurs when communication between wash computer and signal conditioner weighing system is interrupted. If the control sense a temperature less than 0°F when the heat has been on for at least three minutes it will set an open thermistor error. The drive receives movement commands without receiving a setup packet. If the fuse is blown, replace it. If the heater is enabled and the water temperature has not reached the desired temperature selection within the programmable time, the control will indicate a heater error. If it is constantly off, reduce the distance. Replace heating contactor if it stays closed. If thermal security is open, it should close within 15 minutes. Once error is cleared, control will go back to previous mode of operation. Power down machine for a minimum of two minutes, verify the motor is not shorted phase to phase or phase to ground. Possible cause of error is one of the heater elements may be broken/disconnected, heater elements may need to be cleaned of lint, or programmable slow to heat error time needs to be increased for the load size and water amount being heated. Try card again. To prevent error, reduce detergent used, increase Suds Removal Routines allowed, check for draining issues, check that drum spins freely, and make sure no small items are lodged between drum and outer tub. Check the inlet valve, clear blockage in pressure hose, replace hose if leak is found. Repair man told me it is a bad valve. At power-up, wash computer checks if factory settings in EPROM are OK. Error occurs when there is a wrong CRC reading of the data from the EPROM. Occurs when the dedicated parameters have not been loaded in the KEB inverter. When the motor overcurrent security has tripped, the motors are switched off. Gas and Electric Dryer. Possible causes are: 1) thermistor, 2) wiring between control and thermistor or 3) control. Occurs when the air stays in the air bags at the door unlock sequence while in normal operation and they should be empty. Temperature of ironing roller is higher than 200°C (392°F). Error occurs if the heating system is functioning partially but not sufficiently to heat the machine correctly. Error may occur during communication with a network. Restriction in the tub to pump hose, drain hose blockage in the pump. IPM temperature is detected to be too high. After pressing start, door lock is locked while door is open. Error occurs when electronic timer detects water recycle tank is empty. No service should be needed. Check the mechanical functionality of the door lock and if it’s not functioning properly, replace the door lock system. Refer to errors 13 and 14. If the problem persists, check that the security code is correct. If your Speed Queen dryer is not heating, consider the following potential causes and address the issue accordingly: 1. This could be because dip switch #1 is set incorrectly or there is a disconnect power fail signal on connector H2. Re-aim external device and try again. If overcurrent security is not closed after 15 minutes, it is defective and should be replaced. Control will destroy card. Power down machine to clear. Card hotlisted. Check motor harness for damage. When error occurs during IR communication, control records error. On machines with a lid lock, this error occurs when the lid doesn’t unlock after three attempts. If water is still dripping into the tub, replace the mixing valve. If Error Mode is turned off, the fill error will not occur and the control will continue to wait for the fill level to be reached. Check if the heating resistors are heating and repair the wiring or replace the defective heater elements. Error occurs if inverter gives an error message which is not recognized by wash computer. Caused by transformer unplugged or inoperative, fuse blow on motor control board or wiring to motor control incorrect. If the relay is not broken but receives a not allowed signal from the wash computer, replace wash computer. The control will turn off all outputs and flash the DOOR LED one second on/one second off to indicate a door lock/unlock error. Always make sure the correct inverter parameter settings are in the inverter. Incorrect machine type. °F after first three minutes of active cycle, will go to Cool Down, display error message, and turn on audio signal. If overcurrent security is not open, check if both motor securities are open. Communication failure. Check inlet water supply, inlet water valves, drain valve and water level switch. Try card again. Error by a writing action to the RTC. Repair finger protection safety bar. If the door doesn’t lock in 15 seconds in Door Locking Mode or the door doesn’t unlock in 3 minutes in Door Unlocking Mode, the control will enter Door Lock Error Mode. Cycle is aborted and Cycle Aborted Error Menu is displayed. I don't really have the funds right now to be replacing a dryer, so … Try cycling power to machine. Make sure air tube on electronic sensor is air tight and does not contain water. Make sure machine is not over loaded and check if rotation sensor is working. Make sure dedicated inverter parameters have been loaded by the wash computer. The support roller provides support for the drum and allows the drum to turn smoothly. Cycle will continue, no user input required. The temperature sensor's wiring or the temperature sensor is damaged. Switch fails to open at end of cycle. If the front end control was replaced, set dip switch #1 to the same setting as the previous control. The control detects the DC bus is too high. Check door lock circuit. Check load cell wiring and repair if faulty. Inoperative card/ dirty contact. Overloading the machine or broken shocks may keep door from properly closing. Error occurs when the wash computer cannot handle the fault of the inverter. The control will turn off all outputs and flash the WASH and RINSE LEDs one second on/one second off to indicate a door open error. Inspect wiring at inverter. If the watch dog has been activated, error 90 is logged in the error log register. The ignitor then produces heat to ignite a gas flame inside the burner assembly. If the water level has dropped more than an acceptable amount during a water leak drain check, the control will save a water leak drain error status and will continue the machine cycle. Cycle will continue with coast times loaded where rotation detection is required. Check wiring. If Ignition Control Module (ICM) fails to ignite gas valve ICM will send an ICM Lockout Alarm to the control.If ICM needs to be manually reset, when control receives ICM Lockout Alarm it will display Cycle Stopped Menu with text prompting user to press START/ENTER keypad. Check inputs on wash computer and if faulty, replace wash computer. Caused by pulling on door while locked or about to lock. The dryer may start but then stop in the middle of the cycle if internal control board components don't detect sensor signals accurately. If Error Mode is turned off, the drain error will not occur and the machine cycle will advance to the next cycle step as though the water had been pumped out. Make sure coin drop is functioning and replace if necessary. If adjustment of diameter does not help, it is necessary to change the sensor. If airflow switch is sensed closed 30 seconds after entering Idle Mode, or End of Cycle Mode, control will display error message until power is cycled or error clears. Heater will turn off and cycle will continue. The machine is taking longer to drain than a preset time, if enabled. Contact manufacturer if problem persists. Check rotation sensor. Manually enable IR on control/Re-aim external device and try again. Consult technician if error occurs frequently. Check the wire bridge on the mobile connector motor drive and close the motor bridge if it is open. If motor is defective, security will open when machine is restarted. Make sure inverter is energized. My 4yo Speed Queen Gas dryer Will not stay fired up. Master control cannot communicate with motor control. Replace the motor brush blocks. Temperature of ironing roller is higher than 80°C (176°F) and roller does not rotate. Master control will try to reset the motor control by powering it down. Check if friction blocks are almost worn out and replace. Make sure water inlet valves are not blocked by dirt. Make sure to press on door and then pull to unlock the door as pressure on door lock/latch will prevent door from unlocking. Check mixing valve for leaks. When the flush valve is active and the machine is losing 7 cm (2.75 in.) Temperature in the cylinder is unsafe at the end of the cycle. (Igniter, Cable, Ignition Control Module.). Cycle will continue, no user input required. Make sure inverter is energized. Heater and thermistor operations are disabled for cycle. Check the drain hose for restrictions and clear if needed. If this error occurs, the heater output will be turned off and the cycle will continue. Replace inoperative heater circuit components. Replace the output board. second on/one second off to indicate an SPI communications error. Wait for 1.5 minutes for error to clear. Error occurs when during wash cycle the load on one load cell is over 1000 kg (2205 lbs). Find the most common problems that can cause a Speed Queen Dryer not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. Check parameter and reprogram. Clean vents on the fan motor. Error will occur before spin sequence is started and machine will not spin. Clear error to return to Cycle Menu. Replace drain valve if defective. Clear this error by pressing the Power/Cancel keypad. Check the connection of the temperature sensor. Control is unable to communicate with output board. There must not be a wire bridge at the input unbalance detection. Make sure correct machine type is selected. Check that drum rotates normally by hand and repair or clean as necessary. No current supplied to the motor. Pressure switch fails to open in 30 minutes in any fill/agitate cycle or maximum fill time exceeded. The thermo-magnetic protection was activated 5 times, indicating a high motor current. If the door fails to lock in 20 seconds in Door Locking Mode after the drive has been enabled, the control will turn off all outputs and display error code. Power down, verify line voltage is within specification, power up and try again. End cycle. Inspect the load size/type and the machine's drain valve. Since doing this, the flame comes on, but does not stay on. The cycle's programmed water level was not reached within 15 minutes. If machine is equipped, control will constantly monitor input and calculate cylinder’s rpm. Also you will need to get a dryer exhaust hose which are not costly, Easy instructions. Water was not drained after three minutes. If the control senses the door open during Run Mode, the control will enter Error Mode. Programmed number of imbalances is reached. Check output relay that powers inverter contactor and replace wash computer if relay is broken. If error appears repeatedly, contact the manufacturer. Unpower to clear error. This is an older model with limited parts availability, and I have not found a source for the start switch. At the end of the cycle, the control will flash the HEATING LED one-second on/one second off to indicate an open/shorted temperature sensor error. Program correct or complete wash data. Water Leak Detection Error or Slow Drain Detection Error. Make sure supplied water temperature is not too hot. Power down, power up and try again. Typically a small item is lodged in the propeller of the pump on pump machines. If error message disappears, machine goes into standby mode and can be further used. Cycle is aborted and Cycle Aborted Error Menu is displayed. Communication error. Under pressure switches are off (gas heating only). Unpower to clear error. Control did not detect a water level of 0.5 inch within the programmed amount of time. Download card contents to PC and clear card for re-use. When a new software that isn’t backward compatible with previous software versions is loaded, the software will detect that the old and new software is not compatible. Inspect the drain valve and drain outlet. The machine must be unpowered to clear this error. Make sure drum is not overloaded. The tilt switch is activated at the start of a cycle. Airflow Switch Sensed Closed While Not In Run Mode. Many times a loose pin or wire is at fault for this error. Service the service door or coin vault switches. Incoming P… IN USE LED blinks three times + 1.5 second pause, IN USE LED blinks twice + 1.5 second pause. If the element is burnt out, replace it. If the harness looks fine and the error still occurs, try replacing the drive board or harness. Motor print board is not receiving tach pulse from MICRO 9 control. Reprogram infrared communicator on. Redistribute load and retry. Before downloading, ensure data is for current machine type. The cycle's programmed water level was not reached within 15 minutes. To clear this error the machine must be powered down. Check communication cable, SR-drive, motor and power cord and repair or replace if broken. This error code occurs if the thermistor circuit opens while heating. If the dip switch #1 setting is changed, power down, power up and try again. The wash computer must be reconfigured. Calibration process can take up to 10 minutes. When this error occurs, a technical inspection of the machine must be made. Check continuity of wiring and repair as needed. Check the door lock coil and if it’s not functioning properly, replace it. Error will occur when there is no feedback signal from motor drive at spin sequence. Also check door lock wire harness for damage or for disconnection. Caused by pulling on door while locked or about to lock. Use Factory Test Procedure to determine front end control’s control level. Unpower to clear error. Once Cool Down portion of cycle ends, control will continue displaying error message until power is cycled or BACK keypad is pressed. If error persists, tampering may have occurred. If airflow switch is open for at least one second, heat will be turned off and will remain off until switch is observed closed for at least 5 seconds. Check the following: motor, motor connections, contactors, input voltage, inverter, motor and machine bearings and print board (if applicable). Check that nothing is obstructing motor rotation, check connection between user control and output board, or try replacing the user control or the output board. Check wiring to heater elements and thermistor for damage. Check for errors 2, 6, 7 and 25. Check that the external water valves are open and free of dirt. Power up and tray again. Invalid coin pulse or inoperative coin sensor. Control detects door open during a cycle. Program new component. This sequence is repeated as long as the Shorted thermistor error is sensed. Error message will continue until any keypads are pressed, Cool Down cycle has ended, and temperature reading is less than 210 °F. Cycle power to machine (power down, then power up). Check springs and other mechanical parts that fix the drum and replace as necessary. Make sure correct machine type is selected. Make sure door lock solenoid switch is functioning properly at the inputs menu; if not, replace computer. Free repair advice! Check that the cycle contact MICRO 9 closes. Card memory is full. Check output relay that powers inlet valve and replace wash computer if relay is not working properly. Check input signal from door lock switch and if input does not correspond with the state of the signal of the switch, replace wash computer. Check load size and type. Inspect drain valves. Check if the machine had been over-loaded. Check the hose connections at the pump for leaks. The control will first drain for 90 seconds and then turn off all outputs and turn on the Machine Error Tone for 15 seconds. Temperature sensor or temperature sensor circuit is defective. This list of common dryer problems can help you troubleshoot and find the reason your dryer isn't working as it should. Switch machine off and on again or let inverter cool down. Check position of out of balance switch and make sure is correctly mounted. Check auxillary heating system, inspect drain valve and check water level switch. Firmware load failed. Thermistor circuit is shorted while heating. Make sure speed sensor is functioning properly and replace if damaged. Display shows Communication Error Menu for 3 seconds. There are two ways to reset the DAQ memory: automatically by loading the wash computer default settings at the configuration menu or by the trace-tech PC software for which the DAQ memory is of importance. If 504 is indicated, load default program by the LStPrg command from the configuration menu. Check water temperature and if hot water is too low, increase temperature of hot water. HELP. If thermal motor security does not close after 15 minutes it is defective. Error when reading RTC. Repair sensor wiring. Failure of burner ignition (gas heating only). Power down, verify input power and 6-pin communication connection on drive and Front End control, power up and tray again. Error occurs when there is no battery available at the real time clock or if the power of the battery is too small to make the real time clock run correctly. Make sure door lock system is functioning properly and repair or replace if defective. Some are simple fixes that won't even require a screw driver and other solutions may fall outside of your comfort level and you may choose to hire a professional to do the work. Check door lock circuit. Check harness from user control to pressure sensor for damage and replace if necessary. End cycle. Choose the correct water inlet valves for the wash sequence or adjust the parameters of the wash program. Water supply faucet closed, kinked or twisted fill hoses, filter screens plugged, no voltage from output board to the water valve (refer to appropriate schematic) or low water pressure. Check wiring. Check airflow switch. Check control and replace if inoperative. Communication is valid, but there is no card reader initialization. Cancel the error by pressing the STOP button and allow motor to cool. The cycle's programmed temperature was not reached within 80 minutes. If fault is persistent, contact manufacturer. Check values for each individual load cell and adjust the mounting of the load cell as needed. If you need help with Speed Queen dryer troubleshooting, there are tables on this page which contain lots of possible errors and their symptoms in Speed Queen dryers. If problem persists, replace rotation sensor or control. There is a hardware problem or fault on printed circuit board.

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