Teens are comfortable with technology and social networking programs. The list comes with the complete contact information that includes email, phone, the address of the b2b prospects. Also, it helps you reach out to the reputed prospects belonging to different spheres of education industry from various countries like; Here is a comprehensive list of all the Jamaican High Schools. Also, add 3 cents apiece additional for Emails. We offer four types of mailing lists: Business Lists, Consumer Lists, New Movers Lists, and New Homeowners Lists. Traceability of our High School Mailing list helps you gauge the efficiency of your marketing strategies. Catalogs can entice students to buy. Australian School Lists 2020 has the most comprehensive and up to date digital data lists of all school educational decision makers throughout Australia & New Zealand.. Public schools lists in Australia, Private/Independent schools lists in Australia, Catholic schools lists in Australia, - these institutions spend hundreds of millions of dollars of government funding every year. Get your lists by district, school, personnel, geography, type of institution, and many other criteria. The SMTP and NCOA verified data allows marketers to promote the brand and services across channels in order to promote the brand and services effectively across channels. Decorating to their desire involves selection of furniture, color of the walls, posters and pictures, bedding, and accessories to show their personality. The High School Senior Email List at our end is accurate enough to generate the best results through marketing campaigns. AF SQ AR HY AZ BE BN BG CA ZH-CN CO CS DA NL EN EO ET TL FI FR FY DE EL HI HU IS ID GA IT JA KO LO LA LV LT MK MS ML MN NE NO PL PT RO RU SR SL ES SU SV TH TR UK UZ VI ZU +8801723283638. The media fuels high school student’s desire for new products. Let everyone on this teacher contact list know about your educational product, your helpful service, your unique teaching plans and ideas, or your professional group. We also provide School Data for your own in-house Marketing. High School Counselor Email Lists. Are you willing to sell a learning tool, computer software, maintenance supplies or arts and crafts supplies? Find private school mailing lists here ). School mailing lists are perfect for those who plan to market to teachers. Modify advertisements based on the measured productivity of your marketing endeavors. I know there are other ways to get senior's interest but I'm looking for mailing list companies that you have used and been satisfied with. This is a list of high schools in the state of Maine Androscoggin County. Copyright © Child’s age with parents name, student by class year with their name, gender of child, parents age, household income, propensity to buy specific products and services, net worth, lifestyle factors, own vs. rents, length of residence, marital status, ethnic, parents education level and much more. Our high school email list enables you to market various products and services such as clothing, computers, software, magazines, limousine services, … COMPLETE COACHES & ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Mailing List. All rights reserved. We are priced well below industry and have no additional charges or fees. Looking good and wearing the latest style is important to high school kids. Years ago when I had my first studio I used to get senior addresses from some list company but I don't have that info anymore. … With our teachers email list, you can market to a large network of those in K-12 education, including principals, administrators, and educators. Academies . High School Students: ... Our Student Data Direct Mailing List Pricing Starts at 15 cents per listing with a 5000 Name Minimum Data Order. Target the exact schools or decision makers that are most relevant to your campaign | Get In Touch With Your Business Professionals With Our k-12 School Email List – School Data Lists, Do You Wish To Stand High In The Vast Marketing Universe? High School Students by year freshman to senior. Privacy Policy. We are not a list broker! They are often responsible for making purchasing decisions for their schools. Their room is a place where they can express this. The good news is that high school niche mailing list can give your company a competitive edge in the B2B marketplace. How to find schools and colleges in England? 47 Data Points offered for each record Including Email. Any teen friendly environment to hangout will do. Education marketing lists are ideal for prospects looking to sell a variety of products & services including school equipment, educational seminars, marketing and website consulting, office equipment, bookkeeping, accounting and CRM software and more. Exact Data Parents Of High School Students mailing list offers sophisticated, cost-effective consumer data for your next marketing campaign. If you or your school district would like to have a mailing list created please take a look at this FAQ as it tells you the process. High School Email List. Please note the Principal names may not be updated. Tutors or learning centers to help prepare them for SAT/ACT test. K12 Lists offers the most accurate and unique Mailing list of High Schools catering to globally spread marketers. The list includes the school’s address and phone number. Some of the Jamaican High Schools websites are for their alumni associations. Reach high school counselors. Food and entertainment rank high in teen spending. When marketing to them, it is extremely important to be direct in your communication and provide them with an action step that results in a positive personal outcome. K-12 Mailing List Information As part of the Connecting the Schools Project we have set up a State-wide Mailing List server to host the K-12 lists that you need. High school kids have their own personal flair. Add 3 cent apiece additional for DNC Scrubbed Phones. High school is exciting for kids because they know they will begin to drive during these years. This age group is going through a critical time in their life and is faced with many choices and challenges. This group of kids is a connected generation and their main source of communication is through cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Buy Music Schools Mailing List From School … document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Purchase mailing address and grade level information for nearly 95,000 public schools across the USA (Interested in private school mailing lists? Purchase mailing address and grade level information for nearly 95,000 public schools across the USA. A parent’s nightmare can be put at ease with driver’s training courses. It’s therefore not surprising that clients have used the high school email addresses to gain new customers, up-sell and cross sell their products and services, network for future deals, expand client base and more. Any place to gather such as an amusement park, bowling, restaurant, movies, concerts, etc. Our files come in an easy to use Excel format so that they are readily importable into any CRM or email marketing system you may be using. They are also known as “senior high” and it can be customized and filtered so we can make a more targeted list of all high school principals. Custom high school apparel/gear or accessories to choose from to show school spirit is a hit with teens. Our High School Senior Mailing List is built and segmented in such a way that marketers can reach the right high school seniors for promoting products or services. We can help you to generate better sales leads for your business with our accurate High School Email Addresses. The quest to capture market share in high school sales is intense. Our high school principals list contains email addresses of all high school principals grades 9 through 12. Many high school students are involved in sports and other extracurricular programs. College Coaches Mailing List / Email List: CLICK HERE K-12 Coaches Mailing List / Email List:CLICK HERE Above education listing represents a sample – many more teaching titles and departments available. High school students want the latest fad from electronics, clothing, automotive, sports and leisure equipment, music and personal care. Updated weekly and single sourced by our team. Kids in high school and fast food go together. High School Student Mailing Lists. These Instructors train and direct athletes as well as athletic teams. Videos, games, and music play big with high school students. The high school email address in USA is ideal to promote products across different channels. High school students are starting to think about college. Kids in high school are savvy and want immediate gratification. You control the data! For example, high school is called a secondary school. Our High Schools contact lists offer contact details of high schools located across the world, and all the information present in are complete and authentic. And you can precisely target new audience for your education-related products and services. High School Principal and Superintendent Email Lists. Colleges or Technical schools to help students decide which career path to take is beneficial. Beauty Salons for special occasions or just a trendy new hair style is important to girls. Cosmetics, perfume, or skin care for their self-image concerns. High school kids like to hang out with their friends. High school kids are very fashion conscious. Upon retrieving counts you may add, change, or delete your selects. The high school email address database gives access to a valid educational mailing list to help connect with the best schools in and around your area. Though you’ll probably have to pay some cash if you’re getting a ton of mailing list sign-ups, the best mailing list companies offer free options to help you get started, and help you create both targeted direct mailing lists and email campaigns. Any educational products and services to help them prepare for this life decision can be crucial. Unlimited yearly usage with any purchase. School Data Lists unique sourcing model delivers the most complete and accurate K-12 School database. Any products or services in technology will grab the attention of high school kids. Education is important for their future success. Research indicates that a full 32 percent of high school students have their own credit cards, or they are using their parent's cards. Obtain the details from Web Directory including their website address and contacts. Education Data Lists. Types of establishments found in the Email Mailing Address List. Access to this well-segmented database and ignite your marketing results. 24/7 Customer Support Whatsapp +8801758300772. July 13, 2016 / marketingexecutivesblog / Leave a comment. Thank you. Schools Mailing offers Direct Postal, Shared Postal and Email Marketing to Schools. Schools Mailing list is the suitable option for such educational related B2B marketing. The High School Senior Mailing Lists are perfect for businesses that market their products or services to youth. Some of our top-selling lists include: California High School email list, Florida High School email list, Texas High School email List, Colorado High School mailing list, Washington High School … The High School Senior Email List at our end is accurate enough to generate the best results through marketing campaigns. New and used auto dealerships can help concerned parents with affordable and safe suggestions on a vehicle for their child. I'm looking for the names and addresses of companies that sell High School Senior mailing lists. ... Our comprehensive lists include not only individual email address, but contact name (first and last), school name, type of school, mailing address, phone number, school district, county and CEEB code (click here for a sample database). Whether you are promoting a book club, sharing an online learning tool, encouraging field trips to your location, or marketing to elementary staff for any other education-related reason, this contact directory is the perfect answer to the question of how to reach out. All of our data is thoroughly researched and verified by our own staff, with updates done throughout the year. You will be asked to select your campaign type, geographic selects, and demographic selects. The market for products bought by kids in high school is over $150 billion. Marketers have the perfect opportunity to promote their products and services. High school kids are not only up on the latest trends, but are willing to spend money on popular items. Get a verified email mailing list when you download this database! They will splurge on the hottest trends and have an influence on their parents purchase decisions. The independent schools don’t follow the national curriculum. This database is one of the most Complete listings of Coaches & Athletic Directors at both the High School & College levels. Super customer service and a 96% customer retention makes our company stand apart from the rest. The major use of this list is that you will get details of all the schools present in different regions. The harder your sales force works, the more conversions they will achieve. We provide effective, affordable & comprehensive email lists. The records in this this are consistently updated on a monthly basis through National Change of Address processing in order to provide data of unmatched excellence. When you purchase our high school email list we can help you with data on High Schools by state, school size, curriculum, number of students, number of teachers, subject teachers, grade teachers, Administrative heads and more. 3001 North Rocky Point Dr. E, Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33607 (800) 829-8560 (877) 691-6833. sales@K12Prospects.com. Unlimited-use for 12 Months and no minimum orders. With high school dances and proms formal wear is needed. We at College Data Lists, provide instant access to verified High School Email List from our comprehensive database of education industry. This mailing list and email list helps you connect and market to professors, school teachers, superintendents, principals and administrative personnel at their school or university. Kids in high school are between the ages of 14 to 18. Car insurance companies can offer their policies and rates. Limousine services do well for high school kids out for a night on the town. Education Data Lists is the best source for High School Seniors Database that offer the updated and accurate contact list for your email, postal or telemarketing campaigns. Education mailing lists puts you in touch with education professionals from elementary schools to universities. Mailing Lists for High Schools. College offers, formal wear, cell phones, computer software, limo services, beauty products, automotive, books, magazine subscriptions, educational products and services, photography, music, sports programs, amusement parks, clothing, tutors, and traveling packages. In the age of the internet, direct mailing lists are still an effective marketing strategy for companies looking to generate sales. Lists include individual email address, contact name, school name, mailing address, phone number, school district, county, CEEB code and more. SCHOOLS EMAIL LIST . Looking to market to teachers and administrators at high schools and elementary schools? You can purchase the data by state, or nationally - the data will be emailed to you in a neatly formatted .csv file that can be easily imported into a mailing program or spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel). Over 3.9 million contacts Pre K-12 in the USA. You can build other email lists with us. Retail stores or boutiques that are teen friendly with freshness and excitement will lure teens. We provide the right High School Senior Mailing List that you’re looking. (876) 927-8138 A fast and cost effective marketing method for advertising directly to schools. Name Address Location Principal Assistant Administrators Edward Little High School: 77 Harris Street Auburn, Maine: Scott Annear Assistant Principals. Dating, driving, working and balancing their time between family, school, and social life can be daunting. Our High School Senior Mailing List is built and segmented in such a way that marketers can reach the right high school seniors for promoting products or services. Why schools email address? K12 Lists has over 10,000,000 records of students in its high school email directory, segmented from grades 9 to 12. Ardenne High 10 Ardenne Rd., Liguanea, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. High Schools Email List. high schools mailing list Email Addresses of High School. Beauty products and accessories sell well to students.

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