2018. Email Stephanie. We Are Population Connection Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America's voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the United States, with over 40,000 members, and hundreds of thousands more supporters and participating educators! Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America's voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the United States! Simply initiating a dialogue with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors is invaluable to instigating change. The most effective family planning programs give people the freedom to choose whether and when to have children, completely on their own terms. It’s unambiguously true that population growth is a global problem needing global solutions, but these are in woefully short supply. In our modern industrialized world, each of us plays a role in current unsustainable levels of global emissions of fossil fuels. A veteran of more than 50 political campaigns, John has authored numerous op-eds and articles on various aspects of population growth. Email Nancy, Shauna Scherer, MPA, CFRE Foremost among the root causes of international migration are population growth, economic stagnation, environmental degradation, resource scarcity, poverty, and political repression. Email Jennifer The National Journal reported that prominent Sierran Anne Ehrlich, a long-time advocate of reduced immigration, had taken the position that the club could not act on the immigration-population connection as long as its minority-group members saw racism as the underlying motivation of those who wanted to limit immigration. About 35.4 million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses[19] worldwide since the disease was first recorded, including 950,000 in 2017 alone[20]. Program Associate Infants and children come with costs to our social programs as well—expenditures on schools, day cares, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), health care, etc. Email Hannah, Nancy Gomes A large population size does not necessarily produce a world power or a healthy economy. Californians for Population Stabilization was founded in Ventura, California, in 1986 with the goal of minimizing future population growth in California. Coercive measures, which include forced abortions, sterilizations, and sex selection, are always unethical, immoral, and unacceptable. Researchers have found that humans are contributing to the extinction of species at a rate about 1,000 times faster than the background rate of extinction[22]. Theories maintaining that there are “right” or “wrong” people bearing children are misguided and will only serve to deter progress and cooperation in population awareness and education. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. UNFPA assists governments and organizations at the aid-receiving countries’ request. Email Carrie, Josephine Langford Your tax-deductible membership dues help us advocate for universal access to birth control, educate tomorrow’s leaders about global population challenges, and mobilize Americans who care about stabilizing population. The SUSPS proposal to reverse the neutrality declaration and restore the club's previous advocacy for immigration limits was defeated about 60-40 … To the contrary, urban areas offer hope for human development and protection of natural resources because they can support large numbers of people while limiting the impact on the natural environment. Southern areas, such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have drastically reduced fertility rates through voluntary and collaborative approaches. UNFPA extends assistance to countries at their request and works in partnership with governments, all parts of the United Nations system, development banks, bilateral aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, and civil society. Unfortunately, this flow of people into the U.S. has not relieved population pressures in the countries of origin. These systems ensure the continuation of the planet’s most critical functions, including conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen. Educated? Additionally, educated women are usually more aware of and have better access to medical services, including family planning, and have greater confidence and ability to use them. The organization has received 4, 3, 2, and 1 stars in the past. In 2018, it celebrated its 50th anniversary. [25] O’Neill et al, “Global demographic trends and future carbon emissions,” PNAS, October 12, 2010, 107 (41) 17521-17526; https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1004581107. The differences in growth can be explained by different levels of development and varied social customs. Please get in touch with me so I can learn about ways to raise awareness about the importance of population stabilization. In recent years, stagnating levels of funding for low-income family planning programs in the U.S. have diminished access to crucial health services for men and women. At this rate the country’s population will double in just 23 years. [24] WWF. More than 27% of assessed species are currently threatened by extinction[23]. 500 Washington, D.C. 20037. The socioeconomic benefits to children of lower fertility are many—increased nutrition and schooling perhaps being the most important. Sierra Club Takes Another Step in Its Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection By Jerry Kammer on April 20, 2016 The Sierra Club has made news again in its decades-long retreat from what used to be one of its central concerns: the influence of immigration on the population growth of the United States. John has been a guest lecturer at more than 80 colleges and has spoken to numerous environmental, religious, and community groups all across the U.S. on the environmental and human costs of rapid population growth. [11] Unintended Pregnancy in the United States, Guttmacher Institute, 2016. unintended pregnancies would decline from 89 million to 22 million. A 2010 paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences[25] concluded that by the end of the century, slower population growth could reduce total fossil fuel emissions by 37–41%. [26] “Family Planning Can Reduce High Infant Mortality Levels,” April 2002 Report, Guttmacher Institute, https://www.guttmacher.org/report/family-planning-can-reduce-high-infant-mortality-levels (more recent data on this measure doesn’t appear to be available). The result of ICPD was the creation of the Program of Action, a 20-year plan promoting, among other things, universal access to quality and affordable reproductive health services; reductions in maternal, infant, and child mortality; and closing the “gender gap” in education. Email Carol, Lindsey Bailey Educated women have increased opportunities and are more likely to enter the labor force before marriage, thus marrying later, delaying childbearing, and having fewer children overall. Physically immature adolescents are at higher risk of giving birth to premature and low-birth-weight babies, and they are also more likely to have obstructed labor because their birth canals are not large enough for their babies’ heads to pass through. Family planning allows mothers to space births farther apart, which improves infant and child health outcomes. Membership Services Coordinator There is no U.S. funding for family planning in any country where it is not specifically requested by either the government or a local organization. The rise of the right wing evangelical movement has also played a major role in blocking a variety of critical programs. In the book World War III, Michael Tobias writes that many Muslims “insist that family planning is inherent to the Qur’an itself” and that birth control is approved of in Islamic religious texts. Director of Digital Marketing Population Connection is concerned with improving people’s quality of life, including children’s. Write a letter to your local paper, contact local radio and television stations, or volunteer to give a lecture or lead a discussion group on population issues at a local high school, church, or community center. In fact, everyone must come to understand these issues if we’re going to ensure a positive quality of life for generations to come. Director of Human Resources Email Laura, Rafael Woldeab Fill out your information and your Population Connection coordinator will contact you with ideas for hosting an informational table in your community! According to the Guttmacher Institute, the infant mortality rate is 117 per 1,000 live births when the birth interval is less than two years, 64 per 1,000 when births are spaced 2-3 years apart, and 47 per 1,000 when births are four or more years apart[26]. Elevating the status of women worldwide is vital to lowering fertility rates and, ultimately, ending global population growth. Urban Sprawl. The group a… [12] Program of Action, ICPD, 1994, section 13.16, page 118. It started as a branch of the organization Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth). When it was founded in 1968, however, it had a different name – and very different goals. If all women in developing regions who want to avoid a pregnancy used modern contraceptives, the benefits would be dramatic. Voluntary family planning has made an enormous difference. The adverse effects of human population growth and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources are especially significant in some of the most biologically rich countries of the developing world—known as biodiversity “hotspots.” Almost 20% of the Amazon Rainforest has disappeared in the last fifty years[24]. Your tax-deductible membership dues help us advocate for universal access to birth control, educate tomorrow’s leaders about global population challenges, and mobilize Americans who care about stabilizing population. As fertility rates fall in many countries around the world, international migration is playing an increasingly important role in the... Read more » As a 501(c)(3) charity, all donations made to us are tax-deductible. Labeling people as “right” or “wrong” along demographic lines only diverts attention from the real problem: insufficient access to affordable family planning information and services for everyone. Senior Director of Advocacy and Outreach In Muslim communities, there are diverse views on family planning. Email Vondra, Carrie Brochu Email Sydnie, Maria Orozco-Marquez After controlling for multiple socioeconomic factors, the author of the analysis, Mike Maciag, found that for every 1 percentage point increase in … [13] Religion and Family Planning Tables, Guttmacher Institute, Unpublished tabulations of the 2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth. At the Cairo conference, developing countries agreed to provide two-thirds of the funding needed to provide family planning to everyone who wants to use it in their countries, and the industrialized nations agreed to provide the remaining third of the funding.[12]. The Earth can’t support the 821 million people—11% of the global population—who are chronically hungry[4]. While death rates have fallen in many developing regions due to advances in health, birth rates still remain high—these regions are in the middle of the demographic transition, which is the period during which populations grow the fastest. FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. 2120 L St NW, Suite We Are Population Connection Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America's voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the United States! Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America's voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the … In short, what is the quality of life for people around the world, including for those who are the most marginalized? The U.S. share of that is over $1 billion, but we currently only provide $607.5 million[9], and even that appropriation is at risk of being cut by the Trump administration. Population Connection believes that the United States government should view immigration in a global context, and focus its attention on the factors that compel people to leave their families and native homes in the first place. And remember, we’re not the only species on this planet. Population Connection is a non-profit organization in the United States that raises awareness of population challenges and advocates for improved global access to family planning and reproductive health care. Email Natalie, Sarah Ikemoto Adding sheer numbers to our population will not strengthen our nation.

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