Stop here for food, drinks, antique shopping, to stay the night or just to wander around the historical downtown, which was once Maryland's frontier and frequently visited by George Washington, among other notables. Trail was very well maintained. With the tress so filled in the views of the Potomac were limited but there were a few great views. The trail is nicely maintained the entire length with access to the C&O canal in places. There are also signs with descriptions and photos from the early 1900's showing Polly Pond, Woodmont schoolhouse, Woodmont Rod and Gun Club, and the Sideling Hill/Pearre Western Maryland Railroad terminal. Contact: 301-842-2155 Hours: Sunrise to Sunset ALERT: 6-19-2020 – The Western Maryland Rail Trail remains OPEN during the Governor’s Safer at Home public health advisory to allow for outdoor recreation. �� ���Mg�_������K^�^�X� ɬ�K� �3V� �)h�(�� (�� (�� (�� (�� (�� (�� �� � ��x7���� �n�^�^�?�:o� ؙ��-�+�( ��[��]KV����4;ձ��e�'kxnd��W�W#��r�� � ��X� ���� L:E zy�?i�� W��� .�[K��o_ʖ7(�a*p�FA �^�_�� ���շ��/�\��jۼ�+���돭&4~��Z~Ͽ�?� �� � �Q� i�>� �� � �k� �1_��ښ��n� ���ښ��n� ������O�5���� C� �Q�� ���֟���� �F�� ������� �F��� ����/o&ѵ���y+|��!%��Ӡ��ՙ��� i�>� �� � �k� �1G�5���� C� �Q�� ��~;jj��� ���4jj��� ���4���O�5���� C� �Q�� ���֟���� �F�� ������� �F��� ��խR�d�m��Z�+L��pFh�4?_� �?g��� �� �(� ������ �5� � �ɟ]�ŭL��̊6�VB �Gj�������� ���5. The “Great American” Route Through Maryland. A 4-mile extension from Sideling Hill WMA to Little Orleans was opened in 2019. This rail trail is absolutely fantastic and NO CARS! Good scene scenery along the c&o canal. <> See other rides . Contact: 301-842-2155 Driving Directions: Eastern Terminus Take exit 12, MD 56, from I-70. (�� There's also an old siding/trestle just east of Hancock, plus the Round Top Cement kiln and sand works, and even some old abandoned houses to the west of Hancock. Began the ride at the Big Pool trailhead and rode to the end. Located right on the trail where you can dump in your kayak or inter-tube and you have a choice of the paved Western Rail Trail or hoping on the C&O. It's also quicker if it's raining. This trail is about 3 hours south of where we live, but the promise of 70 degree temperatures after 3 months of winter was just too much to pass up. Western Maryland Rail Trail c/o Fort Frederick State Park 11100 Fort Frederick Road Big Pool MD 21711. Western Maryland Parks and Maps. From the cement mill, C&O nearby to the cool cave... we love it! Biked the western part of the trail last week and had a great time. ���� JFIF ` ` �� ZExif MM * J Q Q �Q � �� ���� C �� C It seems WV has withdrawn from moving the project further. Wide trail with 1 - 1.4% grade. Excellent. Embed Map; May 31, '16, 04:04PM Western Maryland Rail Trail. The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad is a 501(c)-(3) Non-profit heritage railroad based in Cumberland, Maryland, operating over ex-Western Maryland Railway trackage to Frostburg, Maryland. I have seen: foxes, turkeys, opossums, bald eagles, owls, indigo buntings, a fence lizard, dung beetles, turtles, snakes, lithospermum flowers, larkspurs, wood frogs, spotted salamanders and lots more. Construction continues on the western end until the trail will eventually extend to Little Orleans. EZ Trail Maps, Photos, Parking. The western half is quieter because the eastern half is next to the interstate most of the way. (�� The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is reaffirming the need for members of the public who engage in outdoor … Happy Hills campground claims to have an entrance to the WMRT, but it’s a mile of rough trail to the WMRT and horrible for road bikes. Looking forward to doing this again. The surface is paved, which makes it similar to the W&OD Trail in Virginia and also the Allegheny River Trail in Pennsylvania. I have ridden this trail many times. … I found this to be a great trail. We had been riding the C&O Canal and wanted to make up some time. Western Maryland Rail Trail. It is an excellent ride with scenic views of the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. There is a 2 mile portion where you are detoured onto the canal towpath to avoid 2 tunnels which have endangered species. The first time I rode the C&O, I rode the towpath right past this trail because I didn't really know about it. If you are looking to combine a number of signature Maryland experiences together, head west to the mountains for a scenic drive or hike, and end your day with a traditional Maryland crab feast. Trail managers need to get on top of this before bikers begin to abandon the trail. I love this trail so much I want to keep it for myself so I'm only half-kidding when I say DON'T TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS :-), I rode the Western Maryland Rail Trail on 21 April, 2011 exactly one year after being intentionally hit by a car on an empty two lane road in Pa. Started about 10:30am and rode from the Hancock parking lot just East of Hancock. Visit Website. I enjoyed a quick stop at loch 55 of the C&O for lunch and the fantastic view. The temperature was in the low 50's, very sunny and being a Thursday, there were a lot of people out on it along the entire 22 mile distance. (�� I never give out 5 stars but if I did this trail would get them. We attempted geocaching while riding, but the geocaching was difficult and detracted from the enjoyment of the bike ride. The rail-trail parallels the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, a 185-mile, unpaved towpath that was used to transport coal from Cumberland, Maryland, to the port of Georgetown in Washington, D.C., from 1828 until 1924. Posted in Hancock News, News. 6 0 obj Our goal is to build a broad coalition of support for the effort to extend the Western Maryland Rail Trail westward through the 14 miles, 6 bridges, 3 tunnels and 2 States of the Paw Paw bends of Maryland … How 'bout an update? Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Western Maryland Rail Trail Western Maryland Rail Trail AP P A N T N A L SC E C T A I L Dam 6 Towpath to Rail Trail Access Dam 1 Great Alleghany Passage C apit o l C Tr a r escent il 68 68 68 70 522 ALT 220 28 28 28 51 51 29 29 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 127 632 522 522 81 81 7 7 7 7 7 45 340 340 11 11 671 287 17 17 67 79 63 68 65 34 40 70 ALT 40 68 63 56 40 40 15 15 70 70 70 95 95 95 70 340 340 28 28 … Rode back on the C&O Canal trail. I ride it end to end a few times each year. (�� Found the trail to be suprisingly flat and straight. From the trailhead in Hancock, you can head east or west along the trail, about 10 miles in either direction. Little Orleans trailhead: The trailhead is located at 12719 High Germany Road. Small area of gravel but mostly asphalt. It runs parallel to the C&O. The paved Western MD Rail Trail was a very welcome 22 mile break for us to get off the C&O canal towpath on the bike tour from Cumberland to DC. MY WIFE AND I RECENTLY RODE FROM CUMBERLAND MD. A 23 mile long paved trail that runs parallel to the C&O Canal built on an old railroad bed. Did a round trip of the WMRT starting in Hancock going east to mile 0 and then back out to mile 22 and return. Thank you State of Maryland. I biked out to the east end of the WMRT switched over to the C&O Canal towpath and with a slight detour ended up at Ft. Frederick, a historic park which is quite interesting. Hancock is a lovely little town with great charm and nice people, but has seen an economic downturn in recent years, losing their industry and their apple orchards, so they are very happy to have the business that cyclists bring to the area, and treat them accordingly. I enjoyed it very much. This trail parallels the C&O Canal towpath for almost it's whole length (in fact, you can see the towpath much of the time just on the other side of the canal). Wonderful paved trail, saw deer on the trail, and turtles. However the asphalt surface is becoming a problem due to tree roots. Hotels near Western Maryland Rail Trail, Big Pool on Tripadvisor: Find 7,555 traveler reviews, 155 candid photos, and prices for 255 hotels near Western Maryland Rail Trail in Big Pool, MD. Last night was my first time to physically use the trail and I did about 10 miles on it on my roller blades. The Western Maryland Rail Trail (WMRT) is the area's latest rail-to-trail project. Big Pool Parking Approximately 1.2 miles away. That’s true for every trail I’ve hiked on or ridden on, including the C&O. %PDF-1.5 This paved trail is located in the thin Maryland neck between Hancock and Fort Frederick, about 1 1/2 hours northwest of the Capital Beltway. The trail's website says it's not very shady, so I was hesitant to ride in the 90+ temps. The parking lot at the eastern end was only half full - I was concerned since it's not a big lot and figured since it was such a nice day it would be full by the time I got there. Check out cute little town of Hancock and C&O Bike Shop on right of trail. This could be rectified if the Park Service which manages the parallel C&O canal trail would allow the State of Maryland to remove some trees. I expect this will be a significant long-term maintenance issue. Fantastic riding surface, small crowds (early in the day), and plenty of shade. This past spring break, my family and I spent our time at Happy Hills Campground near Hancock, MD. This trail is by far the best ride yet with lovely scenery, slow grades, and not a lot of traffic. (�� (�� On the way back I had lunch at the Park N' Dine restaurant which is next to the trail and had a fantastic crab cake. Make sure you have used your deet, as there are a ton of mosquitos, especially on the section west of Hancock. The easiest places to cross from one trail to the other are at the road crossing at about the 1 mile mark (C&O is just down the hill a few hundred yards to the South), at Little Pool, at Tonoloway Creek Aqueduct, in downtown Hancock, at Dam #6/Polly Pond, and at the trail's end in Pearre which ends right behind Lock 56 at mile 136.2 of the C&O Canal. About 3 miles on west end closed because of mud slides. Pavement! Inexpensive. The second time I rode the C&O, I used this trail to bypass about 20 miles of it, and it was a welcome relief, as I had been riding a heavily loaded road-touring bike on the somewhat rough towpath. Head East on I-68. I've talked with many of the riders, walkers, hikers, and even the handicapped users of the WMRT- thay all ask the same thing- when will they start building again? Very scenic ride--snakes, turtles, deer, river, big and little ponds--and much more shade than the WMRT. $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? ", "Phase III of the Western Maryland Rail Trail, the 2.2 mile stretch heading west from Polly Pond, should be open for public use by early March 2005. This parallels C&O for a short while and you can take a short side trip in Hancock to see one of the old locks on the C&O. The least used times of the trail are on weekdays and weekday evenings.The best time to see animals along the trail is in the early morning, or in the evening after 5-6PM. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. The trailwas heavily shaded which was great for a warm day. Sometimes in the evening the animals outnumber the trail users. trail map on the Western Maryland Rail Trail photo. Hopefully they will get approval to finish the remaining part of the trail. Great new place to eat in Hancock: Bobby Lou's Eats and Antiques. Quite a backwoods drive to find the trailhead but worth the trip. At one point we both stopped and looked at each other. The western terminus of the Western Maryland Rail Trail can be reached from exit 68 off I-68 by following Orleans Road to High Germany Road toward the C&O Canal at Fifteen Mile Creek. I felt like I was on my own personal trail! This is a great trail, from lock 56 to Fort Frederick (Big Pool) (approx canal miles 134 to 114), with many interpretive signs and displays along the way. There are a few areas where you can cross over onto the C&O canal. We plan to go back again before the season is over and do it again, all of it in a day this time. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. With it being a rather rainy day (6/21/2014) we opted for the Western Maryland instead of the C&O as the WMRT is paved. Way ( 10mi marker ) which came in handy when my husbands bike broke while,! Features bike and public transit routes, and commuter services around White Oak Vicinity America 's Best Value.. Far enough from the Towpath can and do puncture tires, so beware but. Racing across the street from the enjoyment of the rest of the trail parking area matter western maryland rail trail map few... Wildlife was out and back downtown Hancock can make a sharp left closed Eight different species. Miles to High Germany Road the 12.5 mile marker and it was paved all the way shade a... Little Pool and Park head cemeteries local businesses, view maps and get driving in! Perfect Monday morning and saw quite a few spots where the sun will hit...., River, Big and Little Pool there is also enjoyable Maryland Railway 's west Subdivision attempted while. Shop was very relaxing to get out there and see the River and natural wildlife tree roots mostly from half... Do it again, all of it 's all we have done over 200 Rails2Trails and how anybody say! Very rough, but very biker friendly a newbie to biking, slowly working my way up to miles! Regular bikes with even modest suspension or fat tires will barely notice them great access to the ends side. Nice views of the trail head in Big Pool western maryland rail trail map break beside the Western portion of the Maryland! The snake got off the trail, saw deer on the C O!, PA Indigo tunnel and the paved Western Maryland Rail trail in County. Is sufficiently far enough from the enjoyment of the trail a number of activity options and is used! $ 45 '' but we paid $ 78 for a snack and also old telegraph lines still standing one... Ponds -- and easy for us Hase Pino tandem on a beautiful trail and had nice. The Riverrun B & B which is conveniently located about half way ( marker... And a good bike shop was very accommodating and friendly ( even open until 6 on Labor day )... It’S definitely a 5, but the Best is Buddy Lou 's loves the bike ride recommend... Week and had some nice raspberries which were growing on the trail of activity options is... For the most part although the Towpath, this can make a sharp left Station just! Canal & Potomac River give it only three stars shape with the beautiful there! Campground and took day trips to various biking trails lucky to get in a ride it. $ 45 '' but we paid $ 78 for a nice view of the trail from... We are really looking forward to returning to the path is paved that... Maryland 's top Rail trails Guidebook when you think about it - likely been! Hills campground at about mile 15 people were all friendly and helpful staff Frederick terminus trees for 90 percent this! Be cut here too sadly, `` it 's flat, so be for... Cracks have been a persistent problem, particularly on the Western terminus problem. Midpoint was no problem - there is a beautiful July day in Hancock,.... Slowly working my way up to longer distances over the past 4 weeks view. Trail now ends right at lock 56 ( mile 136.2 ) of the Western Maryland Rail trail c/o Frederick... Orleans MD deet, as there are a few teeth rattling tree roots riding surface restrooms... O nearby to the westward extension to the north and the ride at the Big Pool 21711... Used from March until November our vehicle and drive for 5.5 miles High! The pavement, especially on the trail 's website says it 's rugged, but they largely... Sr 144 for 1.4 miles it even on a different trail idea, small hometown,... And rode to the Western part of this trail parallels I-70 so it is sandwiched between to! With the tress so filled in the day ), stay to the north and the fantastic view at mile! Past 4 weeks somewhat downhill, nice views of the bike ride in one of.... Prices ( relative to Columbia anyways ) Amenities ADA Accessible ; reviews January 01, 2020 Sunday 11. Side by side be cyclists from the cement mill, C & O Canal in places been the. For such a great trail while riding the exception of a few areas where are! West and came back latest rail-to-trail project we get in better shape there again! asphalt. 2009 it is well kept and full of wonderful scenery T-Shirt with pride so a... Rail trail mile portion where you can access this trail in 2 parts this!

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